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Physical activities

It easy to be active, irrespective of your age or ability level. A little exercise is better than none. It could be something as simple as going out in the garden or walking up and down the stairs.  

The benefits of physical activity

Being active has many benefits. It can:

  • reduce the risk of major illnesses such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer
  • strengthen muscles around your joints
  • raises energy levels allowing you to do more
  • stimulate brain activity allowing you to concentrate better
  • boost self-confidence 
  • help your mood by reducing anxiety and depression
  • improve your sleep quality
  • help you maintain or reach a healthy weight.

Seeking medical advice

If you are older, have any health conditions or have been inactive for over a year it may be beneficial for you to talk to your doctor before you start doing any physical activity. 


Starting physical activity

It does not matter what activity you do. The important thing is you start and that you enjoy it. If you have concerns about cost, there are activities you can do for free such as walking, running and cycling, plus things you can do in your own home.

More information on this can be seen below.



Walking is one of the simplest, easiest and free ways to get more activity into your day and become healthier. 

The easiest way to walk more is to make walking a habit. Think of ways to include walking in your daily routine. For example: 

  • walk part of your journey to work 
  • walk to the shops 
  • use the stairs instead of the lift 
  • leave the car behind for short journeys 
  • walk the kids to school 
  • do a regular walk with a friend 
  • go for a stroll with family or friends after dinner.

There are plenty of places to go walking across Chorley.  Check out our Parks, Leisure and Nature Reserves page and the walks listed on Check Out Chorley for more information.  


Other Local Walks

Adlington Circular Walk (PDF) [708KB]        Culbeck Lane (PDF) [898KB]           Ridley Lane (PDF) [872KB]  

Brindle Withnell Fold Circular Walk (PDF) [6MB]             Eccleston Church to Croston Corn Mill (PDF) [892KB]

Mawdsley Jubilee Trail (PDF) [2MB]       Ingrave Farm (PDF) [986KB]         Croston Countryside and Village (PDF) [1MB]

Whittle-Le-Woods Circular (PDF) [4MB]       Bank Hall Bretherton (PDF) [607KB]       Croston Moor (PDF) [719KB]

Euxton Park (PDF) [813KB]       Harrock Hill (PDF) [970KB]       Much Hoole (PDF) [816KB]

Park Hall (PDF) [682KB]     Pincock Bridge to Eccleston Bridge (PDF) [673KB]     The Plough and Worden Park (PDF) [922KB]

The Rivers Yarrow, Lostock and Douglas (PDF) [671KB]     The River Yarrow Embankment (PDF) [924KB]


Walking in a group

Walking in a group is a great way to start walking, make new friends and stay motivated.

Chorley Walkie Talkies is a social walking group and was set up to provide regular scheduled walking sessions for anyone who wants to improve their fitness.  You can find out more information about the group on their Facebook page

The Ramblers organise group walks for all ages and fitness levels. View more information on the Ramblers website.

The Chorley Health Walks group organise low level walks for all abilities. They are led by volunteers and the walks take place across different areas in Chorley.  The most up to date list of health walks can be found below:

Health Walks 2021 (PDF) [129KB]



Taking up running can seem like a scary prospect, especially if you feel out of shape or unfit.

The NHS Couch to 5K plan is designed to get you off the couch and gradually work you up to running 5K or for half an hour in just 9 weeks.

Please visit the NHS' Couch to 5K website for more information or alternatively you can download the app.

If you prefer running in a group, then you can find more information below:



Cycling is a low impact aerobic exercise that offers a variety of benefits. It also varies in intensity, so it's suitable for all levels. You can cycle as a mode of transportation, for casual activity, or as intense exercise.  For more information on local cycling routes please visit the Check Out Chorley website. 


Keep active in your own home

Join the movement by Sport England

This is a brand-new campaign funded by the National Lottery.  It gives you tips, advice and guidance on how to keep or get active in and around your home. View more information on the Sport England website.


This Girl Can

This campaign aims to get women and girls more active. View more information on the This Girl Can website.


Other activities

Alternatively, our sports and leisure facilities and parks and open spaces pages offer more opportunities to be physically active.

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