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Housing benefits and support

View information on housing benefits and support.


We have a legal duty to complete an assessment for anyone who is homeless or at risk of being homeless within 56 days.

Household Support Fund

Previously residents have been able to access the Care and Urgent Needs Scheme through Lancashire County Council. This scheme has now been replaced by the Essential Household Goods Support Scheme.

Help with housing

We can provide help and advice if you are experiencing problems with your housing situation or if you are looking for a new home to rent or buy in Chorley.

Private rented housing

We provide a dedicated private sector accommodation finding service to assist customers who are homeless or threatened with homelessness to access suitable private rented accommodation.

Social housing

The majority of social housing in Chorley is managed by Housing Associations (often also referred to as Register Providers). You can view the housing available in Chorley and who the providers are by visiting the Select Move website

Action for rough sleepers

If you are worried that someone might be sleeping rough and needs assistance with accessing support with housing. You can report a rough sleeper online using the street link online reporting system.

Severe Weather Emergency Protocol

The purpose of the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) is to provide humanitarian assistance to rough sleepers on occasions when the weather is considered to be severe.

Budgeting support

View information on budgeting advice and support

Council Tax Support

Information on Council Tax Support available.

Duty to refer

Most public service organisations have a duty to refer anyone using their service who they think may be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to the local authority housing service.

Housing standards

View information on housing standards in rented properties.

Home improvements

Information on support available for home improvements and disabled facilities grants.

Long term empty properties

Empty homes can have a negative impact on neighbourhoods. We are committed to helping owners bring their long-term empty properties back into use.

Local Land Charges

Information on Local Land Charge searches

Useful housing contacts

View information on useful contacts for housing and other support

Chorley Extra Care

Chorley has one established extra care facility, Primrose Gardens and another Tatton Gardens, under development and set to open in autumn. Each combines accommodation with care/ support services, it is like sheltered housing but offers help with personal care, household chores and accessing the local community, allowing everyone the freedom and independence of having their own front door

Private landlord forum

If you are a private landlord or letting agent in Chorley or are looking to become a landlord, you may be interested in the Chorley Private Landlord Forum. The forum meets quarterly at Chorley Town Hall and provides a great opportunity for landlords in Chorley to share good practice and take advantage of advice and training opportunities.

Low Cost Home Ownership Scheme

The Low Cost Home Ownership scheme provides properties for sale at a discounted price. These properties are a type of affordable housing designed to assist people to purchase a property that they may not otherwise be able to afford.

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