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Economic Strategy 2022


Space for business

Making the best and most sustainable use of land, assets and accommodation.

Jobs and skills

For the future, co-managed by employers and skills providers.


As a core public service connecting all residents to opportunities.

Business support

That is intelligence-led, proactive and versatile.

Space for business
  • fit for purpose accommodation for key sectors that is green and sustainable including office, light industrial and advanced technologies
  • unlocking land and assets to enable business growth
  • excellent local infrastructure right across the borough - physical (housing, transport, leisure) and digital
  • sustainable use of resources to minimise environmental impact
  • a masterplan for our town centre that supports our wider economic growth priorities
Jobs and skills
  • using partnerships with key local education providers to connect the curriculum and skills (e.g. the Runshaw Employer Partnership Board)
  • establishing incentives for jobs and skills that respond to future industry demands e.g. digital, sustainability and the green agenda, automation
  • increasing employment opportunities in high growth, high value sectors
  • targeted intervention and training in key geographical areas across the borough to support access to work
  • working with public service partners to ensure that employability is built into all service pathways
  • schemes with employers and private businesses to invest in those furthest away from employment
Business Support
  • strategic approach to managing business needs throughout the lifecycle based on intelligence captured by the business support team
  • engagement and events to cultivate and maintain a vibrant business culture
  • help for entrepreneurs to survive and grow within the borough
  • bespoke business support offer and approach tailored to needs and priorities
  • continued assistance for independent traders to build resilience and sustainability with a hyper local focus
  • cross-sector learning to share expertise and experience e.g. green operations
  • support for businesses to adapt to meet net zero 2030 commitments


Space for business
  • review the sites available within the Local Plan and develop clear strategies for each in line with local priorities and ambitions.
  • develop local investment propositions and consider new commercial investment partnerships
  • cooperate across Chorley and South Ribble to make the most of limited accommodation and assets, retaining businesses in the local area.
  • support green upgrades to commercial premises (including electric car charging points) to increase attractiveness
  • review and refresh the town centre masterplan in line with UKSPF
Jobs and skills
  • actively support employer-partnership forums linking industry and education
  • develop career pathways for key skills and sectors working with local partners
  • develop targeted career days with specialist partners e.g. digital, health innovation, green/environment
  • consider an incentive scheme to support employers to develop entry level schemes for key skills and sectors
  • enhance the employability service with additional capacity to target specific areas and geographies with a bespoke offer
  • develop schemes with employers and businesses to invest in key cohorts
Business Support
  • develop and deliver a programme of business events with specialist partners. Review and evaluate to understand business preferences.  Include climate change adaptations and green solutions to meet the net zero aspiration
  • increase place branding and identity through visibility and attendance at high profile regional and national awards
  • establish consistent business dialogue through roundtables, Council 'open-door' sessions
  • trial B2B knowledge sharing partnerships, starting with green operations
  • develop a business support package for new start-ups and entrepreneurs including advice and assistance


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