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Cold weather, ice and snow


Lancashire County Council (LCC) are responsible for gritting the adopted roads. LCC do not grit every road in Lancashire as they concentrate on keeping traffic moving on priority roads.

During periods of high or prolonged snowfall, we will work with LCC to clear snow on footpaths in high priority areas around the town centre.

View more information on gritting on the Lancashire County Council website.


Grit bins

LCC are responsible for grit bins on streets. Grit bins should only be used for roads and pavements in the area and not for gritting private property.

Any requests in relation to gritting or grit bins can be submitted to LCC. 

View more information on grit bins, request a new grit bin, a repair to a grit bin or a grit bin refill  on the LCC website.


Our gritting responsibilities

We undertake gritting and snow clearance for council owned sites such as Market Walk, the Town Hall, Union Street offices, car parks, cemeteries, parks and recreation grounds. Each area is checked and gritted as required. 

If you notice any ice or snow in any of these areas, then please report it to us by email to


Wheelie bin collection services

We will always try to collect your bins, but if it is deemed too dangerous, collections may stop or be delayed. You can view any bin collection issues online as well as on our social media pages. 

If we are unable to collect your bin on your usual collection day, we will collect it as soon as possible, so please leave your bin out until it is emptied.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, we will prioritise the collection of green, household waste bins over blue, brown and grey bins.


Action for rough sleepers 

If the weather drops below zero for a 3 day period, we will provide emergency, overnight, shelter for rough sleepers. View more information on the severe weather emergency protocol.

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