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Armed Forces Covenant

Our Commitment to the Armed Forces Community

On this page you will find a host of information relating to the ways in which we show our support and commitment for our local armed forces community, including practical help in accessing employment, housing and other services:

- The Armed Forces Covenant

- Jobs at Chorley Council

- Support for Reservist

- Community Support

- Cost of Living Support

- Housing

- Council Tax Support

- Home Improvements Agency (HIA)

- Armed Forces Champion

- Remembrance & Armed Forces Day

-The Lancashire Armed Forces Covenant Hub

The Armed Forces Covenant

Chorley Council has signed the Armed Forces Covenant which is a formal promise from the nation to recognise the sacrifices made by active service personnel, veterans and their families to keep us all safe, and a commitment to ensure they are not unfairly disadvantaged when accessing public and commercial services. Please visit the following Armed Forces Covenant website: Armed Forces Covenant

The following link also provides detailed information about support services for military and defence personnel and their families: Support services for military and defence personnel and their families: detailed information

The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS)

Chorley Council is proud to hold the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS), which encourages employers across the country to support defence personnel and inspire others to do the same. The Council hopes to achieve ERS Gold Status in the very near future. For more information about the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme please visit the following website: Defence Employer Recognition Scheme

Jobs at Chorley Council

Chorley Council recognises the skill and expertise of armed forces personnel and the value they bring to our local community, even long after leaving active service.

Our Armed Forces Interview Scheme guarantees an interview for ex-service personnel so long as they meet the relevant application criteria for the post.

To find out about the latest vacancies at the Council, please click the following link: Chorley Council vacancies

Reservist Policy

As a 'forces friendly' council, we also support employees from the armed forces community to continue their commitments in uniform. Serving Reservists and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers are granted up to an additional 10 days paid leave to enable them to attend training camps without having to sacrifice more valuable time with their families.

Support is also provided for the spouses/partners of reservists and members of the regular armed forces at times of deployment, injury or bereavement.

Career Transition Partnership (CTP)

The CTP provides comprehensive resettlement support services for personnel leaving the Armed Forces, as they transition from their military career into employment, further education or retirement and for up to two years after leaving in the form of employment support. Chorley Council has registered with and engages with the CTP, making them aware when jobs are available at the council. For more information about the Career Transition Partnership please visit the following link: Recruitment from CTP

Forces Families Jobs (FFJ)

Forces Families Jobs is the go-to place for training, employment and volunteer roles for family members of currently serving UK military personnel.  

Apply for jobs and access employment and training opportunities with companies and organisations who are forces family friendly and have signed the Armed Forces Covenant.  

Chorley Council has registered with FFJ, making them aware when jobs are available at the council. Please use the following link for more information about FFJ: Forces Families Jobs (FFJ)

Community Support

The following link highlights the wide ranging support that Chorley Council's Communities Team provides for all Chorley residents, including specific cost of living support: Chorley Council - Communities

Housing Solutions

Chorley give preference to individuals who are leaving/have left the armed forces and their families, and the new banding policy will favour the Armed Forces Community and will give applicants a higher banding, as well as backdating the banding to the active service date. We also refer into organisations such as the Royal British Legion (RBL) who can help with ongoing support with a variety of things. Use the following link to visit the Chorley Royal British Legion branch: Chorley Royal British Legion Branch

If you require help with housing services please contact Chorley Council Customer Services on  01257 515151 or visit the following link: Chorley Housing Support

Home Improvements Agency

The Home Improvement team coordinates the Handy Person Service, Housing Adaptations, Disabled Facilities Grants and Affordable Warmth and Energy Switching. 

It also supports the Royal British Legion (RBL) and have worked collaboratively with them for several years, principally on Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) cases. You can find more information about services and eligibility by visiting the following link: Chorley Council Home Improvements

Chorley Council Armed Forces Champion

Each local authority has an Armed Forces Champion, which is a role undertaken by an elected member. The purpose of the Champion is to promote and champion the interests of the Armed Forces Community within the local authority; to act as single point of contact, and to engage with the Armed Forces Community locally to identify key issues of concern.

Chorley Council's Armed Forces Champion is Councillor Aaron Beaver who is himself a veteran having enjoyed a 24-year career with the army before going on to be a Reservist. Cllr Aaron Beaver is supported by an allocated officer from the Chorley Council Communities Team.

Please visit the following link for information about contacting Cllr Aaron Beaver: Cllr Aaron Beaver

Civic Services - Remembrance & Armed Forces Week / Day

The Council (Civic Services) works with the Royal British Legion to promote, coordinate and support the annual Chorley Remembrance Sunday Commemoration and other Remembrance events and hold a company-wide two-minute silence on Armistice Day.

We also promote / support Merchant Navy Day, organise parades and on Armed Forces Day raise the Union Flag above the Town Hall. 

The Lancashire Armed Forces Covenant Hub

Chorley Council attend The Lancashire's Armed Forces Covenant Hub which aims to improve the delivery of the Armed Forces Covenant by working with all the local authorities within Lancashire, ensuring the covenant is both understood and honoured.

Outputs are delivered across the following themes - education, employment, health, housing, wellbeing, and welfare support and the Hub can and does work with individuals where they feel they have been treated unfairly under the terms of the Armed Forces Covenant. You can access the Lancashire Armed Forces Covenant Hub by clicking the following link: Lancashire Armed Forces Covenant

Chorley & South Ribble Armed Forces Covenant Support Group

Chorley and South Ribble Council, host this group to act similarly to the Lancashire Hub, but on a more local level 

Operation Fortitude

Op FORTITUDE is funded by The Armed Forces Covenant Fund to deliver a centralised referral pathway into veteran supported housing. The remit of the team will be to work with individual veterans at risk of or experiencing homelessness, supporting them either into suitable accommodation, or supporting them to maintain their current home.

The approach involves creating a pathway from the veteran at risk or experiencing homelessness to veteran supported housing or organisation that can support them to keep their current home and avoid becoming homeless in the first place, as well as other unsupported veteran housing. At the centre of this is a team dedicated to making that link.

The underlying issue causing the person to be at risk of homelessness could be one or more of a range of issues, including income maximisation, employment, mental or physical health, substance misuse etc.

The Veteran Charity Sector has a rich history of providing support to veterans in these and many other areas and have a vital role to play in preventing veteran homelessness. Op FORTITUDE will also prove to be a critical resource for these agencies and any veterans they are working with who may be homeless.

View more information on Op Fortitude here.

Armed Forces Pay Rise

On 13 June 2023 the Government announced pay awards for all public sector bodies. Armed forces personnel up to and including 1-star rank will receive a 5% pay rise plus a further consolidated increase of £1,000.

Use this calculator to work out how much you may be entitled to.


Armed Forces Council Tax Exemption

Living accommodation for UK armed forces which is owned by the Secretary of State for Defence is exempt whether occupied or not. 

This includes barracks and other accommodation on military bases, together with married quarters and any other property, wherever located, provided the accommodation is held for the purposes of forces accommodation. Contributions in lieu of Council Tax are payable to local councils on such properties. For more information please click the following link: Armed Forces Council Tax Exemption, or for diplomats, visiting forces and members of international headquarters and defence organisations Council Tax exemptions please visit the following link: Diplomats, Visiting Forces and Members Of International Headquarters and Defence Organisations Council Tax Exemptions

Register to Vote if you are in the Armed Forces

People in the armed forces, and their spouses or civil partners, can register to vote as a service voter or an ordinary voter.

If you are based overseas or expect to be posted abroad in the next year, you should register as a service voter. This allows you to be registered at a fixed address in the UK even if you move around. A service voter registration also lasts for 5 years. Once you are registered, you will not have to worry about it while posted overseas. If however, you are based in the UK for the foreseeable future, we recommend you register to vote as an ordinary elector.

You will need your service number to register to vote. Register to Vote


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