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Street naming and numbering

Street naming

Street names are approved by us. The process for choosing street names involves the developer submitting up to 3 options which are then sent out to local and parish councillors so that one of the options can be agreed upon.

Please view our SNN (Street naming and numbering) Guidance Notes for more information. 


Property naming and numbering

Property naming and numbering is approved by us. Where the number of properties, on a new street, exceeds 30 then the properties are numbered with odd and even on opposite sides of the road. Where the number of properties is below 30, the properties are numbered in sequence. New properties built on an existing street are numbered to follow on from the existing properties. 

You can apply to rename or renumber an existing property. We charge £50 per property for this process. 

Apply to rename or renumber your property


Register a new build address

You can apply to register a postal address for a new build property, there is a charge of £40 per property for this. 

The charges do change as for larger numbers of buildings but for individuals applying for 1 to 5 properties it is £40 per plot. 

Register a new build address


Street name plates

We are responsible for replacing and repairing street name plates on adopted roads. All our street name plates are supplied by a third party and it can take up to 3 weeks before we receive the name plate. If you notice a damaged or missing street name plate, please report it to us.

Report a damaged or missing street plate

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