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Housing adaptations and Disabled Facilities Grants

Disabled Facilities Grants 

Grants are available to adapt your home. This will enable you to live safely, independently and longer in your home by improving access and facilities. 

Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) are available to:

  • make it easier to use your toilet, bath or shower, for example installing a shower rather than a bath 
  • make it easier to get in and out of your home by installing ramps 
  • make it easier to get around the home and improve access to your bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen by widening doors, installing stairlifts, hoists or through floor lifts 
  • provide safe access to part of an outdoor space 
  • make kitchen facilities accessible for more independent wheelchair users. 

Apply for a disabled facilities grant

If you are an adult or are applying on behalf of an adult, you need to contact  Lancashire County Council Adult Social Care and ask for an Occupational Therapist home assessment. Once a visit has taken place, an Occupational Therapist will send a referral to us containing recommendations for adaptations which are based on an assessment of your medical or physical needs.  

If you are applying on behalf of a disabled child (aged 19 or below) you need to contact Lancashire County Council Inclusion Service and ask for an Occupational Therapist home assessment.  

Once we receive the referral, we register the case and notify the applicant that we have received it.  We will then check eligibility for a disabled facilities grant. If you are eligible for a grant you will receive a visit from us to assess the feasibility of the recommended work. 


Who can apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant

Owners, tenants and other occupiers can apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant. You can also apply for a grant for a disabled person who lives with you or a disabled child. 


Checking your eligibility for a Disabled Facilities Grant

Foundations (the national body for Home Improvement Agencies, who deliver the DFG) have developed a portal which residents can use to check whether they could benefit from their home being adapted and whether they are likely to be eligible for assistance:

Complete the eligibility self assessment.

There are a series of questions about the person's property, their mobility and the feasibility of adaptations. There is also a section called 'Means Test Calculator', where people can enter their own financial information which generates a response to advise whether the person is likely to be eligible for Disabled Facilities Grant.


Finding a more suitable home 

If you think your current home is no longer suitable, adapting it may not always be the best solution. There may be other homes already adapted or more suitable for adaptation that would suit your needs.  We will discuss this with you when we receive your referral if required. 

Chorley Adaptation Grant 

A Chorley Adaptation Grant is available in some cases in order to give greater opportunities for you to obtain an adaptation grant as no financial assessment is required. 

The Chorley Adaptation Grant is the adaptation route which we use when the customer requires only 1 adaptation item, for example a stairlift or a level access shower. 

The simplified application process benefits you in that it streamlines the process and enables you to receive your required adaptation in a timely manner. 

Verification of your adaptation needs are required. This is demonstrated by an Occupational Therapists' assessment. 

The application process for Chorley Adaptation Grant is exactly the same as for Disabled Facilities Grant. Please contact Lancashire County Council Adult Social Care (for adults) or Lancashire County Council Inclusion Service (for disabled children) and ask for an Occupational Therapy home assessment. 

View more information on Disabled Facilities Grants on the GOV.UK website.



View Privacy Notice: Financial Assessment for Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) Applications.

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