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Births, deaths and marriages

What to do when someone dies

We know that losing a loved one is a difficult and emotional time, but there are certain legal and administrative procedures which must be followed when someone dies. The responsibility for these arrangements normally falls to the executor, or the nearest surviving relative. You may wish to approach a professional funeral director to undertake some of the various tasks on your behalf.

Register a death

Lancashire County Council are responsible for the registration of deaths.

Tell us once

When someone has died, there are lots of things that need to be done, at a time when you probably least feel like doing them. One of these things is contacting the Government departments and local council services that need to be told. The tell us once service means that you can just tell us, and we will let other organisations know for you.

Chorley cemeteries

View information about cemeteries in Chorley.

Bereavement services charges

The current bereavement services fees and charges for Chorley and Adlington cemeteries, are shown below. Any payment due is required in full in advance unless a funeral director is arranging the funeral.

Transfer of grave ownership

Once a grave owner has been buried within the grave, we advise that the ownership of the grave is transferred.


We do not offer a cremation service. You will need to contact a crematorium independently to arrange.

Burial records

What to do if you wish to locate a deceased family member.

Bereavement support

The following list gives just some of the organisations that offer help and support following the death of a family member or friend.

Bereavement support payments

You may be able to get Bereavement Support Payment (BSP) if your husband, wife or civil partner died in the last 21 months. You must claim within 3 months of your partner's death to get the full amount. You can claim up to 21 months after their death but you will get fewer monthly payments.

Cemeteries policy

View our cemeteries policy


Lancashire County Council are responsible for registering births. All births in England or Wales must be registered in the area where the baby was born within 42 days of the date of birth.


Lancashire County Council are responsible for civil marriages, religious marriages. View information on civil marriages, religious marriages and how to give notice, and information on renewing your marriage vows.

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