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Chorley Council outlines its commitment to supporting those affected by the Ukraine crisis

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Chorley Council has committed to support those affected by the current conflict in Ukraine and have pledged to do all they can to make sure those on the ground can be supported and that those displaced can find refuge.

Alistair Bradley, Leader of Chorley Council said, "The conflict we are seeing in Ukraine is truly devastating and it is deplorable that these scenes are taking place in the year 2022.

"This is a humanitarian crisis and as a Council we will stand up and do all we can to support those affected by this senseless war.

"We will be providing support, promotion and in some cases space for local support organisations and groups and we are actively encouraging our community to do what they can to help.

"Already so many of our residents have come together to help and that's incredible to see. Chorley always comes through for others in need and this time is no different."

There are many avenues of support. Locally a group called Chorley and District Support for Ukraine has been set up and are taking donations and arranging for vital supplies to be delivered on the ground at the Ukraine boarder. They can be found on Facebook.

Charities such as the Red Cross and Oxfam are on the borders and in Ukraine itself providing vital support including food, first aid, shelter, and health care. The Red Cross says that cash donations are by far the quickest, safest, and most direct way to help people in a humanitarian crisis.

You can donate directly on the Red Cross website.

Government have also recently launched a "Homes forĀ Ukraine" campaign which is encouraging people across the country to take in individuals seeking refuge. You can register on the website.

Councillor Alistair Bradley continued, "The Government scheme while commendable is still lacking in some detail.

"We're committed to working closely together and with our partners to ensure that we are ready to receive those who have been forced from Ukraine and we will look at how we as a community can welcome them with open arms."

More information about support for Ukraine.

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