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Climate Change Strategy

Strategic Objectives

Radical changes are needed to address climate change and Chorley Council recognise that we are facing two unprecedented challenges:

  • we must dramatically reduce our carbon emissions
  • we must prepare for unavoidable environmental impacts by building climate resilience into our systems and services

As a Council we directly emit a small percentage of the UK's carbon emissions, but we influence around 40% of emissions through our roles as community leaders and via the services we deliver such as planning, streetscene services and waste collection. We are working with partners including Lancashire County Council and local community groups and businesses to progress the goals and aims of the Climate Change Programme.


Strategic Objectives for Climate Change

There are five strategic objectives for climate change which shape our priorities and actions as a Council to deliver our goal for net zero.

Climate Change Objective 1To understand the carbon footprint of both the Council's activities and the Borough as a whole, now and in the future, so we can develop robust plans and track our progress.   
Climate Change Objective 2

To dramatically reduce our carbon emissions as a Council and be an ambassador for change.

Climate Change Objective 3Work with our residents, partners, and local businesses to influence behaviour and deliver local projects to drive down the carbon footprint of our Borough.
Climate Change Objective 4To significantly increase the tree coverage across the Borough and promote nature recovery.
Climate Change Objective 5

Enable Chorley to be climate resilient and better equipped to cope with changes in the natural environment including extreme weather events.


Our five Strategic Objectives for Climate Change provide an overarching framework for our priorities for actions and guide what we plan to deliver to achieve our goal of a net zero borough. Everything we do falls within a number of identified themes which are inter linked.

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