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Private hire operator licence

Any person who wishes to take bookings for the hire of a private hire vehicle must first be licensed as a private hire operator. This licence relates to specific individuals at a particular premises. 

The vehicle, driver and operator must all licensed by the same authority; this is usually referred to as the 'trinity' of licences. Operators have to make records of all the bookings they take and these records can be requested by us or the police at any time.

From 1 October 2015, an operator licensed by one authority can pass on a booking to an operator licensed by another authority. This is usually referred to as 'sub-contracting'. In any case, the second operator, the vehicle and the driver must still all be licensed by the same authority. 

It is not possible to transfer a private hire operator's licence between individuals or premises. A new application must be made. 


Apply for a private hire operator's licence

When applying for a private hire operator's licence, you must satisfy us that you are a fit and proper person to hold a licence. Our policy requires that you gather the following documents and book a new operator appointment with us by calling 01257 515151.

  • a fully completed application form
  • a basic DBS Disclosure, issued within 3 months of the application date. This applies only to applicants that do not currently hold a Chorley Council- issued driver's licence.
  • proof of right to work in the United Kingdom
  • a valid Employer's Liability Certificate of Insurance
  • proof of appropriate planning permission or confirmation that planning permission is not require
  • the fee

You should read our hackney carriage and private hire licensing policy (PDF) [795KB] for full details of the application process. 

It is advisable to contact us prior to making an application for a private hire operator's licence. 


Application forms

Private hire operator licence - new application (Word doc) [115KB]

Private hire operator licence - renewal (Word doc) [116KB]


Operator licence fees

Licence typeFee
New grant - private hire operator's licence£128.81
Renewal - private hire operator licence£128.81


Criminal records

We have a safeguarding and suitability policy which gives guidance to applicants who have convictions. This policy sets out clearly how we will consider convictions and will only be departed from in exceptional circumstances.

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