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Planning an event guide

Chorley hosts a wide range of wonderful and popular events, many of which take place on council land. The events that take place in Chorley range from small community gatherings, sports races and charity walks to large multi-day carnivals, 1 day shows and more. Some of the larger events are organised by us but many events are organised by groups and individuals that are external to the council.
If you are organising an event you will have a number of responsibilities. As the organiser, you will be legally responsible for the safety and wellbeing of those people attending and also working at the event. No matter where an event takes place, it is the event organiser that is responsible for seeking permission from the land or venue owner and delivering and managing all aspects of an event.

The key to a successful event is to start planning as early as possible. If you are planning to hold an event in Chorley and in particular on council land, it is important that you inform us as soon as possible to ensure that your event:

  • does not clash with existing bookings and activities in the area
  • is safe and does not cause a nuisance to others
  • has the relevant permissions and you have the opportunity to liaise with the relevant departments and agencies.

Planning an event on council land

If you wish to organise an event on land owned and managed by Chorley Council, you will need to submit an event proposal form.

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