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Listed buildings and conservation areas

Listed buildings

Buildings are listed because of their special architectural or historic interest. Structures as well as buildings can be listed. They are listed by Historic England.

Listing protects the building or structure from demolition or changes that would alter its special character, to ensure it is protected for the future. The inside as well as the outside of a building are listed as well as some features in the grounds.

View more information on listed buildings and their grading on the Historic England website.

If you wish to make changes to a listed building or structure please contact us by emailing as planning permission and/or listed building consent may be required before carrying out any works.


How do I find out if a building is listed?

The National Heritage List for England (NHLE) contains details of all listed buildings in England. You can search listed buildings on Historic England's website.

You can also view listed buildings and structures on our mapping system.


Apply for Listed Building Consent?

You can apply for Listed Building Consent on the Planning Portal website in the same way you would apply for planning permission.

You will need to select 'Listed Building Consent' as the relevant application type.

If you are carrying out development that needs planning permission as well as Listed Building Consent you can make these applications together by selecting the relevant application type from the drop down menu.

Apply for Listed Building Consent - Planning Portal


Conservation Areas

What is a Conservation Area?

Conservation Areas aim to protect the special architectural and historic interest of somewhere. They are designated by the council.

If your development site is in a conservation area, you will need conservation area consent for some forms of demolition, including buildings and even of small structures such as gates and fences. Development is generally more strictly controlled to ensure it preserves the special character of the conservation area and most trees within conservation areas are protected from works unless an application is made. In some conservation areas permitted development rights are more restrictive.

The location of the conservation areas in the borough can be found on our mapping system.

Apply for works in a conservation area

You can apply for Conservation Area Consent for demolition or for works to trees in a conservation area on the Planning Portal website in the same way you would apply for planning permission. The relevant forms can be found in the 'other consents' section in the application type drop down menu. 

Apply for Conservation Area Consent

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