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Parish and town councils

A parish or town council is an elected body made up of local people representing the interests of their community. The general rule is that parish and town councils are based on an area that reflects community identity and interests.

The community interests of the residents of the parish are represented by elected local councillors. Parish and town councils represent your local community's interests to the Borough Council on things like planning applications.  

Parish and town councils work towards improving community well-being and providing better services. Their activities fall into 3 main categories:

  • representing the local community
  • delivering services to meet local needs 
  • striving to improve quality of life and community well-being. 


Parish and town council funding

Parish and town councils are funded through a sum of money called a 'precept'. This is a separate charge which is added to, and collected along with, your existing Council Tax. 

The parish or town council will decide what it will need for the coming year and that depends on what services and facilities are needed by the local community. Parish and town councils can also apply for grants and loans.  


Parish and town council allowances

Parish and town councillors are not usually paid an allowance, but may incur costs, which can be reimbursed.


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