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Public contracts regulations

Under the Public Contract Regulations 2015 (Regulation 113) we are required to publish performance data at the end of each financial year starting with 2015/16. 

The data demonstrates our performance in paying invoices within 30 days to suppliers over the previous 12 months. 

The statistics include: 

  • percentage of invoices paid within 30 days
  • the amount of notional interest owed to suppliers due to late payment.

Additionally, it is a requirement to publish the total amount of interest that we were liable to pay whether or not actually paid, whether statutory or otherwise, due to breach of the Regulations. This figure must be published annually in relation to the previous 12 month period.

In order to comply with the legislation, the table below shows our performance. In accordance with requirements, the amount of interest shown below is that which we could have been liable to pay but was not actually paid to suppliers as no supplier requested payment of interest.


Financial yearTotal number of invoices paidTotal number of invoices paid within 30 daysPercentage of undisputed invoices paid within 30 daysTotal amount of interest notionally owed to suppliers due to a breach of the requirement in regulation 113
2015/167848779799.35%N/A data required for 2016/2017 onwards


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