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Parking permit terms and conditions

Parking permits: terms of use


Scope of parking permit

  1. Parking permits are available for use in long stay car parks only. This does not include mixed stay parking areas. 
  2. Up to 2 vehicle registrations can be placed on one permit. Only one vehicle can use a permit at any time.
  3. Should parking be required as the same time for both the 2 vehicles registered against a single permit then one should display a valid ticket from a pay and display machine. 


Term of parking permit

  1. Parking permits are available for 3, 6 or 12 month periods commencing on the day of issue. 


Cost of parking permit

  1. The cost of a 3 month permit is £90, a 6 month permit is £160 and a 12 month permit is £300 although these amounts are subject to change. 


Amendment or cancellation of parking permit

  1. Where a permit holder seeks to add or remove a registration number from a permit there will be a £10 administration fee payable. 
  2. In the event a permit holder wishes to cancel a permit they will be refunded with a sum equivalent to the value of any whole month periods unused. There will be a £10 cancellation administration fee payable. 

Example - where a 12 month permit is granted on 1 January and the holder requests its cancellation on 14 July they would be entitled to a refund of 

300 x 5/12 = £125

The cost of a permit x (the number of complete unused months/ the number of months of the permit) = 


Misuse of the parking permit

  1. Where a permit is used other than in accordance with these terms and conditions the holder will be issued with a warning letter in the form at Part A below. 
  2. In the event of a further default in complying with terms and conditions of use of the parking permit the Council will notify the holder and cancel the permit 7 days following the notification. Where a permit is cancelled pursuant to this provision no refund on unused months will be provided. 



  1. The provision of a parking permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space.
  2. Usual car park rules apply to permit holders see tariff board for details. 
  3. These terms and conditions will apply during the currency of any parking permit but are liable to change or alteration on renewal. The applicable terms and conditions will be the ones displayed on Chorley Borough Council's website on the day of issue of the parking permit. 

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