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Reducing your plastic footprint

Plastic pollution is a serious problem all over the world.

In 2020 is was estimated that there is 3 billion tons of plastic in the world, and of that, studies show that 8 million tons escape into our oceans and coastal waters every year, that's the same as 1 truck (5 tons) of plastic being dumped in the ocean every minute.

Plastic pollution is harmful to animals, killing millions a year due to starvation, strangling or harmful chemical release.

Plastic pollution is a problem globally which world leaders working together to combat the problem.

In the UK single serving cutlery is planned to be banned and a single use plastic tax is coming into force in April 2022.

There are easy and simple changes which you can do at home to help with this problem, below are our top tips to help reduce your plastic footprint.

  • carry a reusable water bottle with you
  • avoid plastic straws - instead, use paper or a carry a reusable straw with you
  • carry a reusable coffee cup - in some shops you can even get a discount for using your own cup
  • avoid excessive food packaging. Local farm shops or markets often have loose fruit and vegetables to allow you to shop more consciously
  • go to a local refill shop to replenish your shampoo, conditioner, cleaning products and food. You can continue to reuse old bottles
  • try getting your milk delivered - delivered milk is often more locally sourced and arrives in reusable glass bottles
  • say no to disposable cutlery, why not take reusable cutlery with you
  • carry reusable shopping bags with you when you shop
  • try giving up gum - gum is made of synthetic rubber which is a form of plastic
  • choose glass and tin packaging over plastic packaging where possible
  • try using reusable cloth diapers for you baby - it can also save you a lot of money
  • use reusable containers to store leftovers
  • try using a razor with replaceable blades rather than disposable razors
  • pre-pack your lunch at home in a reusable container to avoid buying single serve packages
  • ditch the cling film, instead use foil or beeswax wraps
  • try using loose leaf tea with a tea strainer instead of tea bags which are sealed with plastic
  • when taking off your make up try using reusable make up remover clothes rather than single use make up wipes

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